Mastering the Art of Promoting Business on Instagram

Promoting Business on Instagram

Instagram has more than 800 million active users, a definitely more engaged audience, and less competition as compared to other social media platforms. Instagram provides a unique opportunity to businesses to promote their products and services to a relatively more interested and targeted audience without investing a huge amount of money on things like paidRead More

Specific docking is allowed into the target molecules

pecific docking is allowed into the target molecules

The peptides are produced by other organisms as a purpose of defence like the fungal production of cyclosporin. Without the application of peptides, we cannot imagine the modern medicinal and biochemical research. The large size and specific area of the peptides will allow them for more specific docking to the target molecules. Peptides are consideredRead More

How to Care for Marble Benchtops

Marble Benchtops

Marble being a porous coating absorbs anything it interacts with This implies any juice spills, or acidity accidents will ruin the beauty of your slab. There’ll be colour spots and the surface will get dull with every “injury”. Granite benchtops need a bit more maintenance than any other shirts. Some Stains will not go offRead More

Little Bumble – Some Insight of Beeswax Wraps

Little Bumble

You’ve probably heard of the popular new food storage product, beeswax wraps, which are highly recommended as a reusable and sustainable alternative to traditional food wraps including plastic cling film, aluminium foil and zip-lock bags. It is an amazing product that requires little more than grated beeswax over 100% cotton cloth. Beeswax cling wrap isRead More