The iPhone 8, Should you upgrade from 7?

Apple iPhone 8

Apple recently unveiled a slew of devices at their Keynote event in September. This event was perhaps one of the most hyped up Apple events as the company was about to make a debut for the much rumoured iPhone X and boy did they surprise us. Alongside the iPhone X, they also launched two moreRead More

Samsung Galaxy S9: What will be in with Bixby

Samsung Galaxy S9

We can say the Bixby Vision in the Samsung Galaxy S8, is an intelligent assistant function that detects elements and places. With the former does not work as well as with the latter but perhaps if the improvement improves in the future can become interesting. But new improvements are expected with the Samsung Galaxy S9.Read More

Most Recent News on Technology

breaking news today

Stay connected with the latest technology, latest gadgets with the latest technology news. Take a deeper look into recent technology with this post. Instagram, a photo sharing platform has reportedly launched a new feature which allows its users to use a newly introduced feature that is, face filters while sharing their live video. Earlier InstagramRead More

Why Interactive Whiteboards Are Indispensable To New Age Corporate Houses

Age Corporate Houses

Whiteboards and erasers are passé. Today, most corporates are making a transition to interactive whiteboards. There is an intense competition in the business world, and the interactive boards help you save time and money. These boards enable instant sharing of information with your team. Also, they keep soft copies containing all the annotations and additionsRead More


Some Instances on Database Licensing

Database Licensing

Software environments are becoming more complex day by day as they are involved with the increased use of the integration with the web, corporate self-service applications, and the growth of corporate extranets. In order to ensure the data security and integrity, almost all the companies frequently utilize the multiple instances associated with the database in orderRead More


How to Spy on Android Phone Remotely

Spy on Android Phone

Spying is something that every person undoubtedly feels the need of somewhere in life. Whether this is a mom anxious about her teen girl receiving obnoxious calls, a wife suspicious of her husband having an extramarital affair, or an entrepreneur worried for data security breaches, almost everyone has a reason to spy on someone. HavingRead More